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Monday, March 29, 2010


This is a re-post from my family blog. So if you have recently seen these pictures I'm sorry. Hope you don't mind seeing them again:)
For Christmas I wanted to give all the ladies in my family a cute and stylish apron. As I looked around online for just that I realized that there are a lot of aprons out there but not too many with style. I came across an apron on Etsy that look similar to this one and loved it. So when my BFF from Utah was in town we designed the pattern and ended up sewing 13 aprons in a matter of a few days. They were a huge hit!
Oh, and they look even more fabulous on :)


  1. I LOVE mine! I wear it every single day! I feel so stylish kneading bread and baking cookies!

  2. Hey Amber- Do you sell your stuff at all? I really want one of these aprons. I When I saw cari's I was sooooooo jealous!

    or do you at least have the pattern to share?

    oh- my name is JoAnn, and I found you though Cari-we have been friends for years.

    and can I just say you are incredibly talented!


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