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Friday, May 28, 2010

Giraffe Rattle/ Taggie

My latest creation. Want to make it?!:) Here's the tutorial.
Things you will need:
Staight Pins
Scrap fabric for front of giraffe
Fuzzy fabric for back: Chenille, Minky, or any other type of Fuzzy fabric
Stuffing, Rice or Beans
Needle and thread
Assorted ribbon to match front fabric
Sewing Machine and Matching Thread
Rattle/ Jingle Bell (oppional)
Let's begin!! Print off PATTERN. Layout your front fabric face up, pin on pattern and cut. Layout back fabric face down, pin on pattern and cut. Cut out ribbon (4-5 strips about 4 inches), cut a scrap piece for tail (1 1/2 inches wide, 4-5 inches long), cut small piece for bottom of tail out of back fabric.

Fold tail fabric (both sides toward middle), then fold in half and sew down the side for a finished edge.

Pin all of the ribbon and the tail to the front fabric. Loops in, pins out (see picture). Place back fabric on top and pin. Making sure not to catch the tail and ribbon except for sides that need to be. (Does that make sense?)

Sew all around the giraffe with a small seam (1/4" or smaller), leaving an opening on the back to turn inside out. (This space can be on the back or in the inseam of leg, you decide where you want it. If you are adding a rattle your best spot for the hole will be the back). Turn fabric over and make sure seam has caught all of fabric. Clip notches around all the curves (nose, legs, ear, neck, inside legs, etc). Turn inside out and make sure all corners are pulled out and rounded nice and flat. This will help give the giraffe it's cute look:)

Stuff Giraffe with stuffing, beans, rice or anything else you prefer. I like to do a little bit of rice and stuffing together (I like how it makes it feel, soft and squishy). If you are going to add a rattle this is where you will add that in. Sew up opening.
Fold over tail and sew a few stitches (this is optional, I just like the tail hanging down instead of straight out). Sew on the fluffy part of the tail (this can be done with sewing machine or a needle and thread. I used a needle and tread with this one because the fabric is so fluffy).
Now your Giraffe is complete!! Great job!
You can add this to a baby shower gift for that added extra special surprise or keep it for your little one to play with. Hope you ENJOY it!!
I would love to see how yours turns out. Just send me the link. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
Tutorial used for Persoanl Use Only. Thanks!
Mia Moo Design made one, check it out HERE and HERE!
Want another cute rattle idea go to HERE on Homemade by Jill. She has some super cute ideas.


  1. Great job and great tute :) I LOVE this cute giraffe as you already know. I think you forgot to add the link for the pattern-nothing happens when I click on it. These giraffes are quite addicting to make!

  2. The link for the Pattern should work now. I don't know what happened. Still learning I guess:)

  3. that is THE cutest thing EVER!!!!

  4. amber it is so cute! can't wait to get back to my sewing machine :)

  5. I saw this giraffe and just had to make it for my daughter! I hope you don't mind but I linked your page from mine!


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