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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crochet headband/ earmuffs

We went snowmobiling the other day and the day before we left I realized that my girls needed something to keep their ears warm. So..... I whipped a few of these crocheted headbands/earmuffs up for them. I finished the last stitch as we were pulling up to the location. Talk about calling it close!!:)
I was surprised how well they worked and how easy they were to make. I first started out making the headband itself. I stitched 2 sc (single crochets) and then added one to each row until I got the width I liked. I then stayed at that width until it was long enough to go around my daughters ears and then tapered back down to the 2 sc. I added a button at the end of one side to clasp the headband together. After that I found a crochet flower pattern online (There are a lot out there so choose your favorite). Then I added some gathered fabric and a button to add some character and before I new it I had two headbands/earmuffs finished and ready to go.


  1. Super super cute! You're amazing! I've had a pattern to make one of these since Christmas, but I don't know how to follow crochet patterns, lol. I can crotchet but don't know how to read patterns. Did you fasten it with a button for the closure? Thanks again for mailing those tags off!

  2. super cute! we will need some of these when we move to Utah!!


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