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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Favorite necklace

I made this necklace for my girls about a month ago and have just been able to get around to posting it. They love this new necklace. It's super girly, very light and so stylin.

I've made cupcake necklaces before but instead of the chain with a few beads the whole necklace was beaded. The girls never liked to wear it because it was too heavy.

That's not the case with this necklace. They would wear it everyday if I let them:)

I used pink and brown clay to create the cupcake and bought all the beads and the chain at Hobby Lobby (my Favorite store!!).

I have a bunch of these made up if your interested in having one for your little girl.

Just let me know. I would love to hook you up with one.


  1. super cute! Glad your blog is up! It was fun chattin' with ya today. Give the girls a hug from us

  2. Those are darling! How much are they?

    I love Hobby Lobby, too!

  3. It's all yours for $15! It's a great item to add to an Easter basket. :)

  4. Cute! Funny, Mia has never complained about the beaded ones being too heavy and my beads are BIG HONKERS, lol.


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