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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sweet Baby Shoes

My good friend from Kentucky had a sweet baby girl a few months ago. She asked me to make some shoes for her and I of course couldn't deny that request. Here are the shoes I made for her. She loved the ruffle shoes I had made awhile ago so I made her a pair of those but I could stop there. I had to make the black and purple shoes too. I thought it would be super cute to add the flower to the side of the shoe. Hopefully she does too. Oh, and the flower clips were just a little bonus gift for being such a great friend! :)

(I switched computers recently and haven't updated all my software yet so I don't have my watermark on the pictures because of that. Hopefully I can find some time to get that fixed before I post again.)


  1. I love love love love and adore these! So stinking cute!

  2. ADORABLE as ALWAYS!!! Miss you! I've started sewing again :)

  3. Hello,I´m Angela, I´m Brasilian, my Inglish is not so good, but...
    I´m teacher in a favela (do you Know? where thepoor people live)
    and now I´m at rome, because my baby was born in December and I need work at home to help my husband.
    So, I love art and saw this shoes, I cam do this, but i don´t have a tutorial, i would like to ask if you cam help me with this?
    Thanks e sorry for my Inglish.


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